Dare Me

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His obvious confusion cleared her head and she drew her brows together in warning. “Not another word. Don’t question me or I won’t let you come. Do you understand?”

Pure mutiny carved lines on his face. A beat passed and she waited. “Yes, I understand.” He rose from the bed and knelt on the mocha-colored carpet.

She squirmed at the sight of the rippling muscles in his upper thighs and ass. God, she wanted him. “Very nice. Spread your legs wider. Now lock your hands behind your back. Beautiful. You may watch as I undress.”

Heat sizzled in his gaze. She peeled off her thigh high boots, unzipped the leather pants, and wriggled them down over her hips to stand naked in front of him. Her bare pussy leaked with her arousal. She heard the quick intake of his breath, and gloried in the fact that she pleased him. Carefully, she slipped her boots back on. The soft leather caressed the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. A few drops of pre-cum glistened on the tip of his cock, and he leaned forward to rub it against the carpet, moaning under the friction.

She lifted one spiked heel and dug it into his upper thigh. He hissed at the sharp pain, but when his gaze flicked to her open folds in full view, his muscles locked down. “Straighten up and link your hands behind your back,” she said. “You will sit there while I pleasure myself. You are not to move.”

“Please, let me do it. I promise to make you feel so good.”

She gave a low laugh. “Yes, I’m sure you will. But I want you to understand I control your orgasms. I control how I climax. If you are very good, and if you don’t move, I may let you pleasure me.”

His jaw clenched. He seemed to battle his lust for fulfillment against his usual routine of being in charge. His true nature won, and she caught all the signs of excitement shudder through his body at the thought of letting her lead. “Yes, Summer.”

“Very nice.”

She eased over the carved wooden footboard, a perfect prop for her thighs. Slowly, she spread her legs, her shaved pussy open to his gaze. “You’ve made me very wet, Rafe.” Resting her fingers on the swollen lips, she coated her juices over her hardened clit. “I can only imagine how your hot, wet tongue would feel rubbing over my clit, thrusting inside.” She pushed a finger in her slit and moaned. Her other hand worked her breast, rolling and pinching a tight nipple in rhythm with her finger. “Do you want to know how I feel?”

“Yes.” His voice was ragged.

“Slick and hot and juicy. Oh, that feels so good, hmm, I need more.” She added another finger and built up her speed, her knuckle rubbing over the nub pounding for release. She threw her head back on the bed and brought her knees up, spreading wider.

“Summer, please! Let me come to you.”

“Not yet. I’m hot and tight, just begging for your cock and your fingers and your mouth to take me. Oh, I’m so close, I feel it, so good, ahh!” She came in a rush, her pussy clamping down on emptiness as shudders shook her. Knowing he watched every movement and saw all of her secrets intensified the pleasure. Spasms wracked her. She moaned in satisfaction then rose from the bed.

He knelt in perfect submission on the carpet. Sweat dripped from his brow and his skin gleamed to a high sheen He fought for control as his rock hard thighs trembled with exertion, and every muscle shuddered. Her heart soared at his ravaged features. Satisfaction pounded through her and lit her heart. My God, he is perfect. The masculine beauty of a man holding himself back, of submitting to such a deep need to release on her terms, was the most incredible gift. As if he were unable to speak coherently, a groan escaped.

She purred and stroked his damp hair, pushing the curls away from his brow. “Poor baby, you’ve been so good. I think you need a present. Tell me what you would like.”

He struggled for words, to put his fantasy into reality. Asking for what he wanted was a big step in the path of submission. “I want to lick your pussy.”

“Yes, baby, I think you deserve that. I’d like to come again. Stay exactly where you are. You are not to rub your cock against anything while you pleasure me. You are not allowed to come, do you understand?”

“Yes, Summer.” She positioned herself on the floor in front of him, propping one spiked heel on each of his shoulders. She opened her legs wide and spread out before him like a present.

“Oh, God, you’re so beautiful.”

“Show me how much you want me.”

He bent his head. Her hips arched at the first lick over her wet slit. His hot mouth opened slow and easy, stroking her swollen folds, teasing her clit, giving her just a tiny taste of what she really needed. She rolled her head back and forth and pushed her pussy higher. “More, give me more.” He obediently plunged his tongue into her dripping heat. Over and over he thrust, using his finger to rotate and massage her clit. The edge hovered in front of her, blurry and beckoning. She neared the peak and cried out, “Now, make me come now!”

He sucked on her clit and sank his fingers deep inside. She screamed as the orgasm ripped through her, shredding her with sheer pleasure. He gave a hoarse shout and milked her climax to the last shudder, then lapped up her juices and pressed kisses to her trembling thighs.

She practically purred in satisfaction at the deep-seated orgasm. “Very nice.” Slowly, she rose to her feet. “I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine, baby. Would you like something?”

His face reflected raw anger and naked need. He growled low in his throat, shaking with need. “Are you kidding me? What the hell game do you think you’re playing?”

Her voice slapped like a whip. “What did you just say to me?”

He jerked back but gritted his teeth in determination. “I’m dying here. I need to come.”

“Oh, you need to come, do you?” She walked over and lifted his chin, towering over him. “You’ll come when I tell you to.”

“I can’t last any longer.” The agony of holding back his orgasm etched his face. “Please, Summer.”

She softened. “I know it hurts, baby. But if you hang on, I promise you the best orgasm you ever had in your life. Do you trust me?”


She cupped his face and gazed into his eyes. Their soulful depths pulled her in. Dear God, when he leaves, he’ll take a part of me. Could I have fallen in love after only a few hours? “Do you trust me? Do you trust me to take you to the extremes of pleasure and keep you safe?”


His admission tore through her. She pressed a kiss to his lips, sliding her tongue over his carved mouth and dipping inside for a quick taste. “Thank you. Stay here a moment.” She walked over to the bedroom bureau, slid out a drawer, and came back with a large black ring and lube. “Stand, please.”

He rose to his feet. His erection pulsed in demand, but she concentrated on lubing up the ring, then rubbed the liquid on his cock. Slowly, she slid the ring up his length to the base, worked it over his testicles, and tested the position. He twitched in agony and shook his head. “What the hell is this? Oh, God, I can’t take it.”

“Yes, you can. It’s a cock ring. It will help you control your orgasm until I’m ready. The ring restrains your testicles so when you come, it will be much more intense. Unless you want to use your safe word?”

A flicker of temptation lit his eyes. Just as quickly, his head bowed in submission. His dark desires needed to be filled, and he understood she’d give him what he sought. “No, Summer.”

“Very good. Resume kneeling and I will bring us some wine and snacks.”

She left the bedroom.

Chapter Four

Rafe stared at the woman in front of him and wondered if he was in heaven or hell. Felt like both. His body didn’t belong to him any longer—every inch of skin and muscle belonged to her. Usually so sharp about the next maneuver to make a woman experience pleasure, instead his mind fogged. Every reaction was completely tied to her words, her commands, her praise. In a matter of one evening, all his military training and dominant mannerisms faded away under the sting of her voice or the sharp bite of her spiked heel.

What the hell happened to him? A pounding cadence enveloped his dick and wrecked his concentration. The cock ring tamped down the urgent need to spill his seed, but his swollen flesh ached with the need for release. The strange line of pain and pleasure caused him more arousal than ever imagined. He’d never wanted to come so badly in his life. Even worse, he’d do anything she commanded if she gave him release. By giving his trust, he bound this woman to take care of his needs. So far, he’d never experienced such soul-wracking pleasure by giving a woman an orgasm orally. Sure, he loved getting a woman off, but she took it to a whole new level. Her spicy taste drugged him, her slick heat clenching around his tongue in a fury that stripped away his barriers and any neat control he imagined he owned.

The cock ring kept him uncomfortably hard, but excitement slithered underneath the surface of his pain. A raw lust he needed to unearth. And the only way was through Summer’s commands.

“Tell me about your brothers,” she said. Her fingers stroked his hair and caressed the line of his jaw. Her soothing touch gentled the lunging beast of want threatening to overtake him.

“They’re both dealers like me. When I got out of the military, I stayed in Atlantic City for a while, but my brothers harassed me to move out to Vegas and join them. They got me a job with the Castillo Hotel, which I love. And, they both got married by meeting their wives through Madame Eve.”

She paused in feeding him a cracker smeared with brie. “What? They both met their wives through 1Night Stand?”

He chuckled at the look of surprise on her face. “Yep. Better watch out, baby, seems Madame Eve is magic when it comes to the Steele brothers.”

She smiled at him. The luminous light in her blue eyes squeezed his heart with longing. God, she was beautiful. Her angelic face expressed a pure openness he rarely glimpsed in a woman. She mirrored the perfect twist of naughty and nice that would make a man happy every morning he woke up in her bed. “I’m not afraid of commitment,” she said, softly. “I’m tired of hiding who I am anymore. I want a man to be my partner and friend in life. In public. And I want a man strong enough to submit in the bedroom.”

Her words shook him like an answering thunderstorm. What if she offered him the opportunity to be with her past dawn? He pushed the tempting thought aside. “Maybe you don’t have as much to lose,” he blurted. As his cock pulsed, he waited for the sting of punishment from his outburst, but she stared back, her face serious.

“I teach third grade,” she said softly. “I’m in the PTA, afterschool clubs, and tutor privately. I have a nice little house with a white picket fence and roses in the backyard. My best friends are married for years with babies and vanilla lifestyles. I don’t want to give any of that up, and I don’t intend to. But I need to be who I am, and if that consists of joining a private BDSM club, or finding a partner who isn’t afraid of experimentation, I’m going to follow it.” She paused and pressed her thumb against his lips. “What are you so afraid of? That your brothers would never forgive you? That you would be called less than a man? Or that you’ll finally find what you’ve been looking for?”

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