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As his car eased forward and turned into the driveway, Logan turned around and opened his door. He stopped, his gaze met mine, and we both stood for a moment. The cockiness fled and he gave me a tentative smile. “Her daughter, huh?”

I bobbed my head up and down with a giddy smile. “She said it.” I didn’t have to tell him I liked it. He could tell.

He murmured, “That’s good.”

We both got inside and I looked down at my lap. It was two words—her daughter—but those were two words that would’ve sent me running for hours six months ago. “She didn’t even think about it, Logan. She just said it.”

“She’s good for you.”

Yeah. For my father too.

We didn’t talk, even when Logan stopped at Quickie’s to get gas. He got out, filled the tank, and we both went inside. I wanted more coffee. Grabbing water and soda, Logan took my coffee from me to the register and paid for everything. I didn’t fight it. I’d pay the next time. Once we were back in the car, we went to pick up Kris.

When we got to Mason’s campus, there wasn’t enough time to find him before the game. When Logan headed inside to help Kris with her bags, I stayed in the car, but heard raised voices. A battle between Logan and her sister set us back four hours. Her sister didn’t want Kris to go. Logan did and he won, of course, but we were supposed to have been there before noon. Mason said the team ate and went to the locker room a couple hours before the game. As it was, we were late getting into the game. Cain University wasn’t a small college. Their stadium was massive and just getting to our seats was a workout. A lot of people stood in the aisles and in the stairways. We sat down just as the second quarter started. After the third touchdown by the Wolves, the crowd no longer sat in their seats. Everyone remained on their feet, and the adrenalin from the team swept through the stands.

The fans were invigorated.

Everyone’s voice was hoarse as they cheered on the team, but not mine. Since we arrived, I had barely paid attention to the game. I was riveted by the sight of Mason. Watching him jog back to the sidelines, my throat went dry. The need for him grew and an ache started between my legs.

I needed his touch. It had become like oxygen to me.

“You think Logan loves me?”

It was the question and nightmare that had been haunting me for three months. I closed my eyes. My glow from earlier had faded long ago. It wasn’t the time to think of this. Mason was within touching distance. This was about him. That question had been pushed to the back of my mind.

“Or is it too soon?”

“What?” I glanced over at Logan’s girlfriend. Kris. She had asked that question. It hadn’t been in my mind. Relief swept through me, but I realized her second question and looked to the seat on her other side. It was empty. “Where’d Logan go?”

She sighed and bit down on her bottom lip before her head jerked down. She was twisting her hands together. “He went to find Nate. I guess he finally texted him, but do you think he loves me?” Her head bounced back up. A hopeful look was in her gaze. “It’s too soon. I know it is. I’m stupid for asking.”

“Uh…” I had no idea what to say. “It’s been two months?”

“Yeah.” Her thin shoulders lifted up and down. “We’ve been official for two months, but we hooked up a month before that.” She paused as she began biting the inside of her cheek. “When did Mason tell you?”

My eyes got even bigger. I didn’t talk about Mason. I barely talked about him to Logan and Heather. “Um.” What did I say? Kris was pretty with wheat-blonde hair and striking green eyes, but she was nice. She was genuinely nice, which is why I knew so many guys had been after her. “We…um…”

She let out a hurt sigh. “He should’ve said it by now. That’s what you’re saying, isn’t it?”

“No, not at all.”

She shook her head. “No, I got it. I bet you and Mason knew right away. Logan hasn’t said a word like that. He hasn’t even said he likes me. Since the beginning, it’s been about needing me, wanting me, having me. I know he feels lust for me.” She pretended to shiver. “The chemistry was amazing, but it’s died down over the last few weeks.”

She continued, “He’s amazing. I’ve heard all the girls talking, you know. They all want him, and I know I’ve been so lucky. I was talking to some of the girls from the team. They said Logan’s never had a girlfriend, except for that one girl. Candy said Tate was trash anyway. He only had one-night stands, but they think he loves me.” She paused and added, “Jessica and Lydia said the same thing too.”

“Jessica and Lydia?” I hadn’t known she was friends with my two ex-best friends.

“Yeah. I went to Cass’ party last week. I talked with them for a bit. I’ve heard nasty things about Jessica, but she’s been nice to me.”

“You went with Logan?”

How had I not known about this? If Logan had gone to an Elite party, especially hers, I would’ve heard about it.

“No.” She grinned. “Not at all. I didn’t even bring it up to him, but I heard he dated Miranda too.”

“That was only for a month.”

“I thought Cass would be jealous of me, but she seems happy with your brother.”

My eyes got big and I stiffened. My brother? A low growl started in the bottom of my throat. Mark wasn’t my brother, not yet.

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