Fallen Fourth Down

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“You will?”

She nodded. A small tear slipped out and trailed down her cheek. She ignored it. “I love you so much.”

I nodded, then pulled her back to me. Her head tipped back and her lips raised for mine. I brushed mine against them. I wanted to make love to her that night. I wanted to show her that everything would be fine, that she could tell me anything, but I also just wanted to hold her and not let go. Feeling all that, I applied more pressure to the kiss, and she sighed from contentment.

It was later, much later, when we finally left that room and headed down to the parking lot. I was grateful Logan gave us that moment of privacy. It was needed. When Sam was gone, there wasn’t just literal distance between us. It was like we were on the same page, but there was a tear between us. Seeing her again helped to mend that tear. We were on the same page again. She felt like home again.

My hand tightened around hers. She squeezed back.

When we got to Logan’s car, Logan threw his arms around us, separating us again. I shot her a grin when she stepped back. I clasped my arms around him. “Hey, man.”

Logan pounded me twice on the back before letting go. A wide grin stretched over his face. “I feel hornier than a dog who almost got his balls snipped off. Shit, man. Your face is gorgeous. Have you always been this fine specimen?”

I laughed, shoving him away. “Hump your woman, not your brother.”

It felt good to have him there. It felt good to have them both there. Logan threw his head back, grabbing for his woman’s hand again. He continued smirking at me. “Dinner? I know I’m starving.”

And then a party and booze. I knew that was where Logan was going, but I shook my head as I grabbed for Sam’s hand again. “Change of plans. Let’s hit the frat place first, and briefly.” I paused. Logan narrowed his eyes and a spark flashed for a second. There was a story there, but he slid his eyes to his girlfriend and gave me a small shake of his head. Message received. I’d ask later, so I added, “And my roommate wants to meet you guys.”


“Matteo. It’s his birthday this weekend. We had a dinner last night, but he was tame.” He sat on my bed later in the evening for a ‘serious’ talk about Park Sebastian. The talk never started. Matteo declared that he was hot and started taking his clothes off. I went to the bathroom and when I came back, he was spread eagle on my bed, naked. Too much sake had him snoring loud enough to wake the two rooms on both sides of us. I corrected myself, “I think he was tame last night. I’ve got a feeling tonight will be a night to remember with him.”

“Where’s he at?”

“They’re at Cliché.”

Logan’s girlfriend jerked forward, clinging to my brother’s arm with both hands.


“Did you say Cliché?”


Logan glanced to her. “What?”

“That’s the hottest club here. Oh my god. We’re going there?”

Sam sighed beside me.

Logan prodded, “Have you been there?”

Her lips pressed tight and she shook her head, but a squeal left her.

“All right,” I continued. She’d been annoying this summer, but as she started bobbing up and down and more squeals left her, I held back the usual blast I might’ve given someone in the past. Logan liked her. I had to deal with it.

“Sorry.” Her cheeks were red. “We used to live not far from here, and I know it’s the place to go. Charlie used to go there a ton, but she’s forbidden me to ever step foot inside.” She started clapping. “I’m so excited.”

Logan was grinning at her. “And this is why your sister hates me.”

“I don’t care.” She began waving her hands instead. “I’m so excited. You guys have no idea. This place is epic.”

“Well, whatever.” Her hands fell down at my abrupt tone. I ignored how she jumped back a step, and said to Logan, “The birthday party’s there. I figured we’d go. Nate can show off his house to you guys, and we can head there after?”

“Sounds good to me.” Logan’s tone turned predator-like. He shared a look with Sam, who didn’t say a word. When she saw that I caught the brief exchange, she gave me a slight nod and slanted her eyes towards Logan’s girlfriend.

I got the message so I said, “Give me a ride to my car? We can head to your hotel, switch it up, and take one car?”

“Sounds good to me.”

We piled into the car and left for where my car was parked, clear on the other side of the stadium. On the drive to Logan and his girlfriend’s hotel, Sam told me what had happened between Logan, Park, and also Nate. I wasn’t surprised. The guy was a dick, but I also knew that I might need to watch Logan a little more than I had planned.

I waited in the parking lot as Logan and his girlfriend went to check in. They took their bags up to the room, and Sam put her bags in my car. She was standing next to me when Logan came back out. Seeing that he was alone, I didn’t waste time.

“Sam told me what happened with Park.”

Logan sneered. “That guy’s a dick.”

“I know.”

“He needs to be brought down.”

“Not by you and not tonight.”

Logan’s head reared back an inch. “Say what? He’s a fight waiting to happen. The guy’s a creep about you.”

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