Fallen Fourth Down

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“Oh.” He stood up and Marissa shot out of the booth. She took off. She didn’t wave or say anything. She didn’t look at anyone, even Mason. Pressing a sleeved hand to her face, she ran, and we watched as she went through the doors and down the sidewalk.

“That was a good exit. I haven’t seen one like that in a while.”


“What?” He lifted his shoulders. He said to Mason, “I was speaking the truth. I don’t like her. I’ve never liked her.”

Nate made an exasperated sound. “You guys don’t change. Nothing changes.”

Logan’s eyebrows raised. “What are you talking about? That was a douche move on your end and you know it. You should think about what you’re actually mad about. You’re mad at Mason because he doesn’t like someone you like? When’s that a rule for us? We don’t like people all the time, and we’ve never forced anyone down someone else’s throat. And this is Mason. You know how he is. Don’t twist that stick up your ass and name it Mason when it should be named Sebastian Dickstick.”

Nate had quieted, but he sighed. “You didn’t have to be so aggressive with her.”

“Maybe.” Logan rolled his eyes. “I’ll give that to you, but maybe not. She’s still weird, Nate. You can’t deny that. She always had some weird fascination with Mason, and it’s still there. It took me two seconds to see it, but why haven’t you? Or you don’t give a fuck? That’s a better question. Who are you friends with because you’re not acting like ours.”

Nate had no response. He stood there as his shoulders drooped down.

Mason asked, “You done?”

Logan held his hands up. “I’m done. For real.” He gestured to Nate. “He’s all yours.”

“Mason,” Nate started, but he stopped.

Mason nudged my leg and I stood. He stood behind me and like that, Logan and Kris did the same. Those two started for the door. As they went by, Logan said, “We’ll be in the parking lot on the left.”

I nodded and held back. Mason waited until they were out of earshot. Nate looked ready to fight, but he didn’t. Growling, he opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again, and closed it once more. Lifting a fisted hand, he pressed it against his cheek, softly, before shaking his head. He turned to Mason. “I’m sorry. Fuck. Logan’s right. I’m sorry, Mase.”

“Yeah.” His hand came to rest on my back again. “We can talk later.”

It was time to go, and it was time for my own fireworks show. Walking in front of Mason, I glanced up over my shoulder at him. He met my look, but didn’t say anything. Neither did I, but I was going to. I wasn’t the only one with a secret.


“Sam, stop.”

I was headed to the parking lot, but Mason tapped my arm and gestured to the coat room. It was abandoned and after I passed him, going in first, he shut the door behind us. He didn’t say anything for a while.

I shook my head. I didn’t know what I felt. I wasn’t the jealous type, but he hadn’t told me about Marissa. He should’ve, and when he continued to frown at me, I figured he knew that as well.

A headache was forming, so I lifted a hand to rub my forehead. “Are you going to talk?”

“I have no idea what to say.”

“Point taken.” I started past him again, but he caught my arm and swung me back around.

“Sam, wait.” He touched the other side of my hip, gently, and continued to hold me in front of him. His eyes rolled upwards and I wanted to snort. He was looking for what to say. He said, “I should’ve told you.”

I pulled away, but only moved back a step. “Yeah.”

“I’m sorry.”

Folding my arms over my chest, I waited. “Yeah?”

He looked in pain. His eyebrows furrowed together and his mouth strained to one side. A hand lifted to scratch his chin. For once, Mason wasn’t in control. He seemed at a loss for words. He lifted his hands in a helpless motion. “I have no idea what to say. Shit. I’m a horrible boyfriend.”

The tension began to lift inside me. He was being genuine.

He added, “She emailed me last spring and told me she got in. I meant to tell you, but I forgot. It was during the whole Kate ordeal. I was more worried about you, and it slipped my mind. I’m sorry. I should’ve remembered and I should’ve told you.”

“You knew she was here before today?” He hadn’t looked surprised to see her when she walked in.

His eyes closed, his nose wrinkled, and he cursed. “Yes. I did.”

I lifted an eyebrow, waiting.

“It’s weird. This whole thing is just weird. I don’t know how to explain it.”

“How many times have you seen her?”

“A few,” he admitted.

“A few?”

“Yeah.” He grimaced. “The first time was outside the stadium. I was going home after practice, and she was in the parking lot. It was…odd. I honestly don’t know what to say. She used to like me—”

“She still does.”

He nodded, running a hand over his face. “—and I was going to deal with it. Right then and there. I really was, but she beat me to it. She told me she used to like me, but she doesn’t anymore. I apologized for not helping her when we were sophomores, when the girls were picking on her, and she took off.”

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