Fallen Fourth Down

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Spring/Summer Banners

I was in the back of the bus with my headphones on as we headed to the pizza place. Logan had texted earlier. He was going to meet us there, but I knew Malinda, David, and Mark had gone home. Mark needed to get back for some reason, but Malinda made sure that it was okay with me if they skipped the pizza stop. I was fine with it. I had to admit that I was still glowing from the win, the medal that was hanging around my neck, and the talk a Cain U scout had with me. He wanted to talk later in the month about a scholarship. When he found out that I ran track too, the talk was scheduled for the next week. All of those things, plus seeing Mason there and knowing Logan was waiting to eat with us, I was on cloud nine.

“Kris! Woman! My god.”

Hearing that shriek, I lifted my gaze. Kris was three seats up and bent over, whispering to one her friends. Judging from the wide eyes, sly smile, and red face on both of them, I wondered what they were talking about, but I saw the giddiness on Kris’ face. She seemed happy. In fact, the entire team was in a good mood. A few runners hadn’t placed, but as a whole, the entire team got medals.

“Shut up,” Kris laughed, hitting her friend on the arm. “Shh.” Before bending back down, she shot me a look. Our gazes collided and the laughter stopped abruptly. Guilt flashed in her eyes, then she looked away and jerked her head down again.

I hadn’t asked Logan about their relationship. They were still having problems, which magnified after it came out that he didn’t love her, but Logan had been spending a lot of his time with her. Or, at least, I had assumed. He wasn’t home and he wasn’t at my house. I couldn’t stop myself. I was happy. I wanted to make sure Logan was happy too, so I took my phone out and sent him a text.

What’s going on with you and Kris?

There was a slight pause, and my phone buzzed back. Still screwing. Why?

Snorting, I rolled my eyes. Are you guys still good?

You never ask. Why now?

I’m worried.

Why? Something I should know?

Why are you not answering the question?

Why don’t you tell me when you and Mason have problems?

I groaned, but he was right. Sorry. Just concerned.

I’m at the pizza place. We can talk later.

I frowned. Okay…

There was another long pause. I wasn’t sure how to take his last text. If they’d been better, he would’ve said they were humping like rabbits. He didn’t say that. My phone buzzed once again. Let’s just talk later. You sure you have to ride home on that bus?

Coach said I did.

What if you missed the bus after eating?

That never happens.

I’ll pay someone to say you’re there.

Laughing, I shrugged. Sounds fine with me.

Awesome. Okay. I just ordered pizza for you guys. Tell the coach. You guys have a private room in the basement.

Thanks. I will. I put my phone away just as the bus pulled into the parking lot. As soon as everyone had gotten off, I relayed Logan’s message to the coach, who nodded and asked, “Did he already pay—never mind. I’m going in there to pay before that kid does. Don’t have these problems with normal kids.”

I didn’t know what he meant by that. When I went inside, the front lobby was full. Everyone was waiting around so I slipped to the side and headed for the bathroom. When I was in there, the door opened again and Kris’ friend from the bus was giggling. She shrieked, “He’s here, Kris! What are you going to do?”

The sink was turned on, but I heard Kris respond, “So is Logan. It’s awkward.”

I’d been about to flush, but I caught myself. Pulling my hand away, I held still. I was in the back stall so they couldn’t see my feet unless they looked.

“Wait.” Kris abruptly turned the water off. “Are we alone?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Her friend yawned. “No one else came in here. We’re good. So,” her voice rose from excitement, “what are you going to do?”

Kris sighed. “I have no idea. I always get myself in these situations.”

“You’ve been spending almost every night with the guy. Isn’t that what you said? He’s always at your house?”

“He is, but we’re studying. Nothing’s been going on. I’m still with Logan.”

Her friend snorted. “Logan Kade who doesn’t love you. I mean, my god, Kris. Mason Kade is the one who broke that bubble for you. Wait. Let me swoon here for moment. Fucking hell. Mason told you that. That’s like real and intense. I’d die to have him talk to me like that. Just to be that close. He was always so standoffish and exclusive, you know. He’d only talk to his friends and Strattan. Ugh. Don’t even get me started on Strattan.”

“I like Sam.” Kris sounded tense. “She’s been through a lot. Leave her alone, and no, it wasn’t wonderful being told by my boyfriend’s brother that my boyfriend doesn’t love me. Mason’s gorgeous, but he’s scary. At least to me.”

“Yeah, but that’s over. You got a new boy toy, right? Are you going to break up with Logan tonight?”

She let out a sigh. “I don’t know if I’m going to break up with Logan. Things with me and AJ are just friends. I still love Logan.”

“Who doesn’t love you.” I could imagine her friend rolling her eyes. “Come on, Kris. You look like a fool. The longer you stay with him, people are going to look down on you.”

“No one knows he doesn’t love me.”

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