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“You killed her,” I whisper.

He keeps his eyes on me.

“You killed her,” I say louder, pulling away from Griffin.

“Swayze …”

The officer in his apartment turns and looks at me.

“You killed her!” I run toward him and the officer stands and blocks my way, holding out his hand.

“Can we get some help in here?” He looks over my shoulder.

“Swayze?” Griffin grabs my arms and pulls me back. “Erica? You think he killed Erica?”

I shake my head while fighting Griffin’s grip so I can reach my phone.

“Miss Samuels, we need you to come with us.” Detective Barnes jerks his head toward the stairs as I fight to hold my ground in the hall outside of the murderer’s apartment.

“Swayze, let’s go to your apartment.”

I shake my head, swinging my elbows as Griffin tries to pull me toward the stairs.

“It’s here,” I mumble, my shaky hands move over the screen of my phone. “Here.” I hold up my phone toward the door to Doug’s apartment.

“You. Killed. Her!”

Doug squints his beady eyes and slowly stands, moving past the officer, keeping his gaze on the screen of my phone.

I try to move closer to him, but Griffin doesn’t let me budge.

Doug stops, blinking slowly several times at the screen of my phone. He doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t have to. It’s him. He knows I know it. I see the recognition in his face as he looks at the photo.

“Let’s go.” Griffin loses his patience, grabs my phone, and pulls me down the stairs.

I keep my head turned as Doug stares at me until the door to my apartment closes. Even now. I stare at the door, unblinking.

“Miss Samuels. We need to ask you some questions.”


I slowly turn toward Griffin and Detective Barnes.

Griffin holds up my phone. “Who is this?”




“It’s Morgan Daisy Gallagher.”

End of Book One

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